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Professional English Speaking Attorney in Odessa Ukraine

We are based in Odessa, but we also provide high quality legal services to clients in all major cities of Ukraine.

It can be difficult for foreigners in Ukraine, the difficult language, trust levels etc, etc.

If you are from abroad and need legal assistance, or representation, then you have found the right website!

Attorney Odessa Ukraine –  So contact us…

We have worked as Lawyers and Public Notary for more than 15 years. We are highly experienced in Ukraine Law and are completely client focussed.

No matter what your enquiry relates to please fell free to contact us and to discuss any matter that is on your mind.

From overstaying your 90 day tourist VISA, to setting up a multi-national import/export company in Ukraine, we have done it ALL before!

Don’t worry we can help!

Lawyer in Ukraine

We as a large company of lawyers in Odessa Ukraine provides legal assistance and lawyers services for individuals (private legal services) and for businesses both large and small.

Our legal assistants operate all over Ukraine, based in Odessa and offer consultations regarding all types of law. We assist by drafting legal documents, providing safe and reassuring consultations as well as representing our clients in court where necessary. We can help setup businesses and provide legal assistance to business both large and small.

Our Services:

  • Legal Advice. In Odessa and across the country we offer the legal advice of a lawyer, both face-to-face in our office, in the field or online. We will give legal analysis of documents, contracts and other legal papers, help you to negotiate, mediate if necessary and settle disputes.
  • Lawyer in Court. Offering defense in the prosecutors office or at the police station. Legal practice in court (first instance court, appeal, causation), dispute resolution and other important roles.
  • Documentation. As lawyers we draft Legal documents and necessary Judicial documents. We deal with complaints, statements, lawsuits in court, appeals, marriage contracts and other documents such as organizing DNA tests.
  • Subscriber Legal Services participation in negotiations, legal examination of documents and protection of interests of business and citizens.

Specialist areas for lawyers in Ukraine:

2000+ hours

In Court Cases in Odessa

100+ New Cases

Every Week in Odessa

Working since 1999:
We know all of the necessary people in the necessary Government Departments.

This helps you pass through the process 1st time, with minimal fuss or problems.

This means we are happily faster and lower cost than our competitors!

We also help companies with office setup and outsourcing.

The best family lawyers in Odessa, will deal with your case.

We can help arrange marriages, get married in 48 hours.

Our DNA paternal establishment team, can have a DNA test and 100% reliable confirmation of the child being the same DNA as the father. These documents are accepted by our colleagues in the court.

Our specialist also understand the difficult family laws and emotional upsets that can be caused by divorce. We can represent you in court and deal with the whole matter from start to finish.

We also deal with division of property and finances and alimony.

No two cases are the same and we will work closely with you to achieve your objectives.

We are specialists in Criminal Law.

From car vandalism, to helping clients who have ended up in jail.

The most surprising things can come up in a foreign land. Rest assured, no matter what has happened, we will work for you and sort out the situation fast.

We operate 24 hours, and have emergency contact available.

Many small offences can be settled with a discretionary fine payment.

We know the right people in the right places!

We can assist in court if necessary.


*DNA TESTS – $70


We can supply translators and interpreters at short notice!

From $10 p/h:

Real estate and business negotiations translations.

Russian interpreting or Ukrainian interpreting to English for meetings.

Document translation and face to face interpreters.

Legal and immigration assistance interpreters.

Personal assistants. Available for weekly or monthly charge.

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